A London-based financial group , present on the Italian market would be interested in taking over the Pro Patria .
The news, which we are testing , came to our staff via a fax signed by a prominent lawyer from Milan to which the group would be given a mandate to assess the acquisition of the company is currently led by Peter Vavassori .
The group - the lawyer does know - is interested in the Pro Patria for three reasons: the glorious history of the company biancoblù , the display of its trade mark, its presence in the organization chart of a leader ( source bustocco ) a former president of a team football in the province of Varese.
These are the goals that you would propose the group : a small initial investment to purchase the company's investment of € 5 million over three years , youth development , participation in Serie B over three years . To develop these objectives, the target group calls for the creation of a permanent conference involving institutions and local associations , including: the City of Busto Arsizio , Assb , Univa , Ascom Bust, Artisans Busto Arsizio and associations of football fans.
The group will seek an encounter , strictly confidential , with the current property , and then a meeting with the associations mentioned above, in order to illustrate in detail, its industrial project.
On "La Provincia di Varese " on newsstands tomorrow , Tuesday, January 21 , all insights .
Francesco Inguscio

Qualche consiglio :
1) In Italia il pesce d'aprile si festeggia il primo del mese
2)Prima di incontrare le associazioni, ammesso che vi ricevano, dovete parlare il bustocco
3)Versare prima 600 mila euro di fidejussione, please, solo dopo i fax.
Appena tutto questo sarà fatto, we are welcome!!
Flavio Vergani

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